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Send a Rose to Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal

 On 13 October  2017 the 100th Anniversary of the 6th apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, and the miracle of the sun, we are planning to deliver a large bouquet of multi-coloured roses for Our Lady of Fatima...  Fatima, Portugal at the exact spot where Our Lady appeared 100 years ago.      

   Create your own rainbow of Roses for Our Lady of Fatima. Below you can select as many roses as you like of whatever colour you choose and we will deliver them in your name and with your intentions – on October 13th in Fatima, Portugal.   

   Nothing brings a smile to a mother’s face like the gift of a flower given to her by her own child. Now you can express your love, gratitude and joy for Mother Mary. Red roses express love and roses are for gratitude...yellow roses bring joy and lift the heart...white roses for purity.      

   Your donation will also help fund South Africa Needs Our Lady's Public Square Rosary Crusade 14 October 2017—to mark the glorious Fatima Centennial. Our goal for 2017 is 1000 Rosary Rallies; a goal we could not reach without you…and Our Lady!

To send your rose to Fatima, click on the roses below:

May Our Lady reward your generosity, dedication and devotion!